Like most shooters, I was hooked on firearms at an early age.  I entered the NRA marksmanship program at the age of eight and got a good start on the basic safety and shooting skills.  As a young teenager, I hunted small game in the then undeveloped hills of southern California.  After graduating from the Air Force Academy, there was a brief stint of competitive pistol bullseye shooting.  In 1977, I spent a year competing in early IPSC matches, and then devoted several years competing and promoting handgun silhouette shooting as Colorado’s state director. When handgun hunting for big game was approved in Colorado, I was in the first group of state qualified hunters and testers.  In 1990, I succumbed to the siren call of Africa, and the story of my handgun safari appeared in American Handgunner.  A decade of free lance writing about handguns and handgun hunting for various magazines has led me to the pages of Shooting Illustrated where I have been the Handgun Editor for the past eight years.  I started this blog as a way to organize and make available  most of the articles I have written.


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